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The Joe Pags Show

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Colin Kaepernick calls out his adoptive parents-Hour 1

Why are we at a place where a guy can compete with women in sports?-Hour 2

President Biden wants to spend billions to hire thousands more IRS agents. PLUS...Taylor of the top female skateboarders in the country....joins Joe at the bottom of this hour talking about transgender athletes who are allowed to compete in women's events.

Covid intelligence gets declassified-Hour 3

The House has voted unanimously to declassify Covid 19 intelligence... Joe breaks it down and asks what will the President do?

Interview with Taylor Silverman

Joe speaks with Taylor about transgender athletes who are allowed to compete in women's events, what can be done, and much more.

Has Tucker Carlson been silenced?-Hour 1

President Biden has rolled out his budget plan... wonder what Joe thinks about it.PLUS...What is going on with Tucker Carlson? Is he being slienced?

Six year old who shot teacher will not be charged-Hour 2

A Virginia prosecutor said he would not seek charges against a 6-year-old boy who police said shot his first-grade teacher at school earlier this year. Pags gives his thoughts. PLUS...Dr Jesse Lopez joins Pags to talk about covid 19 now, how people now believe that it leaked from a lab.

Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis gets censured in Colorado-Hour 3

Jenna Ellis, the former lawyer for President Trump, was censured Wednesday by Colorado’s Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel for violating a policy prohibiting “reckless, knowing or intentional misrepresentations by attorneys.” Pags gives his thoughts on it. Plus...The College Fix joins Pags to talk about all the crazy happenings on college campuses now.

Interview with Dr Jesse Lopez

Dr Jesse Lopez joins Joe talking covid now that a lot more people believe it was a leak from a China lab, feeling vindicated, and much more.

Did we learn anything new from the Tucker tape?-Hour 1

Joe starts the show talking about Fox's Tucker Carlson... what he had to say last night and why didn't we see more about what happened on January 6th?

More truths about covid and where it came from-Hour 2

Beth Van Duyne from Texas joins Joe at the bottom of the hour talking about the covid lab leak and so much more on a Wednesday!