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SUBORNING PERJURY: Did NYC DA Alvin Bragg Put Michael Cohen On The Stand Kn

According to Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, if the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg knowingly put Michael Cohen on the witness stand citing specific testimony, then the Manhattan DA was suborning perjury and may face charges himself.

The House Judiciary Committee’s Special Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government against Americans heard testimony from former federal prosecutor, Bob Costello, where he gave conflicting testimony from that of Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen.  Costello’s testimony directly contradicted testimony given by Michael Cohen in Trump’s ongoing NYC Trial with actual facts to back it up.


“I think, Brian, it is very tempting for the defense to call Bob Costello because he can look into the faces of the jury and say, ‘This guy, Michael Cohen, he’s been lying to you, he swore to me he kept Trump in the dark about this Stormy Daniels payment, it was all his idea, he acted on his own, his client had nothing to do with it,’” Jarrett said on “Fox and Friends” to co-host Brian Kilmeade. “The opposite of what Cohen told the jury, and he also confessed to his then-attorney that Trump’s only concern was protecting his wife, not the campaign. Again, the opposite of Cohen’s testimony.”

“It means that Cohen has essentially been lying about the two pivotal legal issues in the case and prosecutors, they know it, they wanted him to lie,” Jarrett asserted. “That is suborning perjury, but Alvin Bragg doesn’t care, he will do anything by hook or crook — mostly by crook.”

Cohen has already pled guilty to lying to Congress in 2018 and has absolutely no credibility just a proven record of trying to save himself and raise money for himself.  The fact that Cohen was NYC’s prosecutors star witness is laughable and Jarret blasted Alvin Bragg’s legal team for this decision and for even bringing the case to trial with such a lack of evidence.

“I think it’s beyond foolish to make an infamous liar your final witness to hang your entire case on it because, understand, when prosecutors call a witness like Cohen, they are vouching for his credibility, and they knew that he would be exposed as the habitual liar that he is,” Jarrett told “Fox and Friends.”

“This guy makes a living trashing Trump, trolling for dollars on TikTok, lunatic rants, yelling into the camera, Trump belongs in a cage like an f’ing animal,” Jarrett said. “So, you know, think about this. When Cohen comes to court he is all dressed nicely, he is calm and polite. That’s a con job by a skilled charlatan and jurors, through cross-examination, are becoming acquainted with the real Michael Cohen. Nasty, vile, and a loathsome person.”

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