Meet Lola, our Rescue of the Week with Pay it Forward for Pets

Sweet Lola is about six months of age and is a mix-breed girl. No one knows what her breeds are but we do know she’s a ton of cute!

She’s doing the typical things at six months of age … her energy is high, she’s enthusiastic in her play and she’s prime for training. In fact, her trainer says she’s learning like a sponge! Because dogs begin to peek in learning between 10 months of age and one year, it’s safe to say that Lola is ahead of the game.

Presently weighing in at about 30 pounds, we anticipate that she will be a medium sized girl capping out at about 45+ pounds.

Puppies are the best and they’re so much fun! Prepare yourself for a lot of work but the pay off is unmeasurable. Interested in adopting? Did we mention that she comes with some pet-paid training sessions with a certified trainer??? Now, that’s a plus!

Don’t delay … inquire about adoption today! Call 234-706-5501 to adopt. Pets are fully vetted, spay/neutered. Pay It Forward for Pets is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Tax-deductible donations can be sent to 751 Delaware Ave., Akron, OH 44303. Visit us at

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