Pebbles - our rescue of the week!

Each year between two and three million people in the United States experience homelessness. Often times, this population is accompanied by a pet companion. The psychological and physical impact of homelessness is a matter of concern for humans and domestic animals, alike.

Separation from a pet companion creates significant distress and is heartbreaking to witness. 

Additionally 6.5 million homeless dogs and cats enter shelters annually which often results in the euthanasia of nearly two million adoptable pets each year. Sadly, euthanasia has become the remedy for shelters imposing time constraints or experiencing overpopulation.

Luckily, time constraints are not imposed at Summit County Animal Control. Though, rescuing orphaned pets is expensive and labor-intensive so getting them into appropriate homes is a time-sensitive goal.

Pebbles meets all the standards for a successful adoption. At 11 months of age, he is happy and healthy. He loves people and toys keep this fun-loving boy busy. He will do best in a home that can offer him appropriate training so that he can become the excellent boy he was born to be.

Long term unions are the result of picking the appropriate partner for your lifestyle and living accommodations. Don’t delay, please consider giving our 40 pound, German short-hair mixed-breed boy, Pebbles, a future he can only dream of, today!

Don’t delay … inquire about adoption today! Call 234-706-5501 to adopt. Pets are fully vetted, spay/neutered. Pay It Forward for Pets is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Tax-deductible donations can be sent to 751 Delaware Ave., Akron, OH 44303. Visit us

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