Bronson and Conner - 10/7/21

The definition of “senior” is changing rapidly. Once thought to be a senior at 65 years of age in the 1950s, social scientist now define senior life to be between 70 and 79 years of age - with our dogs becoming senior over the age of 10! 

We, and our domestic pets, live longer for a variety of reasons including better medical treatments and nutrition, exercise and genetics. Living longer may not be the goal for everyone but living well, and comfortably, probably is.

Bronson and Connor are aging purebred beagles and are estimated to be over 10 years of age. Recently orphaned, these boys, now, have no plan for their golden years. Arriving in a high-kill shelter in southern Ohio as surrenders, these boys are highly agreeable and kind. 

Used to a house and a couch, Bronson and Connor spend their days perplexed by their recent fate. Unfortunately, seniors often wait much longer than their younger kennel mates to find a home. With their gentle demeanor, and calm energy, we are hopeful that their wait won’t be extended and their current situation is not a permanent one.

Interested in giving this bonded pair the best days of their life? Interested in sharing your golden years with these deserving boys? Call 330–760-0763 

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