Jake - 9/9/21

We all understand love and loss. Departure of a loved soul can create despair and concern for one’s future; resulting in extreme sadness and anxiety. As with humans, this condition is very real for our canine companions, too. 

Jake is fearful to be alone. Because of a recent loss, he needs a constant companion to feel safe. He prefers his humans but canine companions are helpful, too. He relies on family, but when they are gone, intense fear sets in. Jake’s disproportionate fear will subside as he regains security. Once resolved, these situations result in the most gratifying relationship between “man and dog.” 

At 8 years of age, this big boy is now looking for his forever home. Like many of us, he has experienced significant loss in his life and is awaiting his hero. He will do best with a stay-at-home mom/dad and other canine companions, too. He loves children and his personality is laid-back and kind. Can you be this Bloodhound’s constant companion? Can you bring him the peace he once knew? 

Call 234-706-5501 to adopt. Pets are fully vetted, spay/neutered. Pay It Forward for Pets is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Tax-deductible donations can be sent to 751 Delaware Ave., Akron, OH 44303. Visit us at www.payitforwardforpets.org

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