Serious! - 5/27/21

Meet Serious … given the name because he is so regal and majestic - and acts seriously mature! 

Serious is between two and three years of age and is considered a pitbull. One might believe him to be a Cane Corso, which is of the Mastiff family, too? We just don’t know for sure. He is definitely very regal in his appearance. 

Standing proud and tall, this boy weighs in at around 70 pounds and is fully grown. He was, definitely, somebody’s loved and well cared for dog. Picked up off of the streets by the Akron Police Department, he came into the shelter on May 1st. It’s not very often when a pitbull shows up at the shelter with cropped ears, immaculately clean and already neutered.

He likes other dogs that exhibit his same calm demeanor. He would not choose a rambunctious friend to be his housemate. He is quiet in his kennel and he is calm on a walk. Serious is serious! He also appears to be housebroken as he keeps a clean living space.

Four weeks in a shelter is too long. Don’t delay ... schedule a “meet and greet” at Summit County Animal Control today! Call 330-643-2845 to reserve an appointment. This boy is waiting patiently for your visit…

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