Barney! - 5/13/21

Meet Barney ... our 3rd “Beagle In A Box!!!” Let’s do it, again! Tab and Tony have made it home ... can Barney get a home, too???

Last year our rescue organization, Pay It Forward for Pets coined the phrase “Beagles in a box.” Many people didn’t know what that meant without an explanation. Let us explain…

There are many sportsman’s hunt clubs in the state of Ohio. They breed, and they vet, their own trail beagles for the sole purpose of hunting rabbits. These Beagles are purebred and always stunning in looks.

Their tenure as a member of the hunt club depends on how well they hunt rabbits. They can’t be too fast, and they can’t be too slow. They can’t be too social, and they can’t be too stubborn. Imagine if those characteristics were considered negatives in humanity. Depending on the sport, many of us would never make the team! If they don’t perform as planned, or they age out, they are no longer of any value to the hunt club and must go.

These Beagles are always extremely sweet yet a bit behind in their socialization, and house manners, as they have always lived outside, under a lid in a damp cold plywood box. Now in our care, these days are forever over for Barney!

Barney is our 3rd “Beagle in a box,” we have rescued this year. He is thought to be 3 years old and deserving of a life that includes a family, kindness and compassion. His family will need to have an understanding for what he has experienced in his young life and a willingness to teach him how to become the pup he was born to be.

Barney is in our care (not at Summit County Animal Control) and is available for immediate adoption. He will be going to his new home fully vetted and ready to live his life as a valued member of a family.

Interested in adopting? Call or text 330-760-0763 to discuss this sweet boy and set up a “meet and greet.”

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