Shane 2/25/21

Meet Shane! All purebred dogs have inherent genetic weaknesses. Sometimes it will be their hips and other times it might be their hearts. Allergies can be a big issue for many purebred dogs and, frequently, it can be specific cancers. Breaking some of these genetic burdens, mix-breed dogs are often much healthier and live longer lives. 

The “so-called” pitbull terrier is not a purebred dog, at all. It’s a mix of many, many breeds. In fact, any dog taught to fight in a pit is the true definition of a pitbull. Pitbull’s are labeled such if they have certain physical characteristics. They include, but are not limited to, a muscular physique, a boxy head, short ears, sleek hair and a wiry tail.

So why are there so many “so-called” pitbull terriers in shelters? Pitbull’s are frequently considered to be city dogs birthed by accident or intention. To avoid overpopulation, the availability of spay and neuter services is required. Like all breeds, if raised properly, the pitbull terrier will make a wonderful family pet. Usually quite gentle, and very loyal, these mixed breed dogs become loved and trusted family members. As pet owners, it’s our responsibility to help them become the dogs they were born to be.

Shane is available for adoption and looking for his forever home. He may, or may not, have some terrier in him but we see more lab and pointer than Pittie. He, like many of his shelter mates, welcomes a visit with you. Call 330-643-2845 to set up your meet and greet. All of the pups on the floor at Summit County animal control are considered highly adoptable and ready for their next home! Don’t delay… you can give Shane a life he’s never known, today!

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