6 pups no waiting! - February 4, 2021

Meet our perky pups available for adoption this week! Yep, there’s 6!

These pups are doing time for a crime they haven’t committed. What are they accused of? Breaking from their homes and making an escape. But that’s not a crime when you’re a dog!

Dogs are investigators and no matter how well trained a pet-parent thinks their furry family member is, left unattended, there’s always a chance they will run off. Additionally, several dog breeds are born runners and containment will always be necessary to keep them home and free from harm.

So, you ask why animal shelters are always full and at capacity? The answer will always be ... because pups run off! Keep your dog safe by providing appropriate containment. It’s saves lives.

Interested in adopting any of these perky, and polite, terrier mix-breed pups? Call 330.643.2845 to set up your meet and greet today!

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