Morgan - Pay it forward for pets 12/10/20

Meet Morgan ...

It is not uncommon for Summit County animal control to name a dog after the street that they are found on. That is the case with our new intake: Morgan. Morgan Avenue is downtown Akron and south on Main Street nearing Firestone Park. Picked up off the streets, Morgan is a Cane Corso - often confused with a pitbull mix-breed dog because of some similar physical characteristics. Cane Corsoes are part of the Mastiff breed and are quite large dogs. Loyal to their owners, they have a similar reputation as the German Shepherd does. Loving and loyal to their family, they are the best dogs ever. When these dogs become lost, the best place for them to end up is back with the family they bonded with, initially.

Morgan is residing in the kennels at Summit County animal control. If you’d like to do a meet and greet, you need to contact Summit County animal control at 330-643-2845 and set up an appointment to do a walk-through to meet Morgan - and/or any other dogs you may want to do a “meet and greet“ with at that time. If you have an existing dog residing in the home, and you want to add another to your family, it is imperative that a “meet and greet” is done on neutral property. Summit County animal control will work with you on the “meet and greet“ process.  During COVID-19, an appointment for a walk-through/“meet and greet” is required.

All dogs residing in the kennels, awaiting homes, are deemed “highly adoptable” and are available for adoption 72 hours after intake. Our first goal is to reunite dogs with their rightful owners; however, our next focus is to get them into appropriate, loving homes for the remainder of their lifetime.

Don’t delay ... inquire about Morgan, today. Call 330-643-2845 to set up your “meet and greet” for adoption.

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