Neighbor Rescues Woman Trapped On 2nd Floor Of Burning Home

One morning earlier this week, Jon Frroku noticed smoke coming from his Stamford, Connecticut, neighbor’s home and could hear desperate cries for help. A fire had broken out on the second floor of the house and a woman was trapped inside.

Frroku immediately grabbed a ladder and put it up to a second-floor window, allowing the woman to escape the blaze unharmed. Moments later, firefighters arrived and within 20 minutes they had put the fire out completely.

Remarkably, no one was injured in the fire, which left the home uninhabitable, but Stamford Fire Department Deputy Chief Matthew Palmer says that’s largely because of Frroku’s quick actions. "Had he not intervened when he did, the woman might have had a different outcome that might have been much more dire," Palmer admits. Frroku is expected to be honored during a ceremony at City Hall next week.

Another bit of good news from the unfortunate fire unfolded when fire marshals went out and bought some new toys for a three-year-old resident of the home whose toys were lost in the blaze.

Source: ABC 7 NY

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