Hospital Surprises Teen With Dance After She Misses Homecoming

In early September, Megan Krafty from Huron, Ohio, was hospitalized after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. A week later, the 17-year-old underwent surgery and was then transferred to Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital for her recovery.

When her caregivers at Cleveland Clinic heard that Megan was upset about missing her school’s homecoming dance, they “sprang into action,” organizing a dance especially for her at the hospital. Since Christmas is Megan’s favorite holiday, last Friday (the same day as Huron High School’s homecoming dance) the medical staff surprised the teen with a Christmas-themed dance of her own.

Megan was thrilled with the surprise and wore the pink dress she’d planned on wearing for the original event. Her boyfriend, Thomas Wilson, joined the celebration, with Megan even helping to choose flowers for his boutonnière. Megan danced, ate, and did crafts with her loved ones and other patients. It may not have been the homecoming dance she thought she'd be attending, but the hospital staff hope the thoughtful gesture will prove to be a special memory in spite of the circumstances.

Source: PEOPLE

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