“Hero” Food Delivery Man Jumps From Bridge To Rescue Drowning Woman

A food delivery rider in Hangzhou, China, named Peng Qinglin is being hailed a hero for selflessly leaping from a tall bridge to rescue a drowning woman. The moment was captured in a video that’s gone viral on Chinese social media. In the video, Peng can be seen gripping the railing, hesitating for just a second before plunging 40 feet down into the Qiantang River.

Peng then swims to the distressed woman, grabbing her by the arm and guiding her toward a mounted ladder. Police later confirmed that the woman survived the incident and was hospitalized for observation. After the daring rescue, Peng’s first thought was of his delivery order that was now going to be late.

The Hangzhou police honored Peng's courageous act, awarding him the "First Class Public Security Honor Medal" and a 30 thousand Yuan (about $ 4,100 USD) cash prize. His employer, the food delivery giant Meituan, rewarded him with an additional 50 thousand Yuan (about $6,800 USD) and offered to pay for him to go back to school. Despite the praise, Peng says he’s just a regular guy, adding, “If I meet someone in danger, I will definitely lend a helping hand."


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