Video: Cops in Texas Encounter Bizarre 'Creature'

Responding to reports of a giant mystery creature roaming the streets, a pair of police officers in Texas tracked down the 'monster' which turned out to be a man in a bizarre Halloween costume. The amusing encounter, which was captured via their body camera and subsequently posted to YouTube, occurred earlier this week in the city of Arlington. As officers Josh Zuniga and Greg Fues were sitting in their squad car, they received word from the dispatcher that the department was being flooded with phone calls about an eight-to-nine-foot tall, five-legged animal that "moves like a sloth."

When the officers arrive on the scene, they quickly identify the 'mystery creature' in question as a man wearing a bizarre homemade Halloween costume. "This character's name is 'Psy,'" the masked stranger nonchalantly explains to Zuniga, "it's based on your psychological image of what fear is." Asked how long it took him to make the costume, the young man indicated that he created it over the course of a week for the remarkably low cost of forty dollars.

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