Teen Turns Toddler’s Tantrum Around With Kindness At A Fair

Evansville, Indiana, mother of two, Ashley Wargel, was enjoying a night at the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival with her son, Maddox, when their night took a bad turn. Overwhelmed by all the activity at the fair, the three-year-old started throwing a tantrum and Wargel was getting stressed by the attention it was bringing from the crowd.

But then, Michael Bartlett, who was at the festival with his friends, approached Wargel to help. After several rounds at a nearby carnival game, the 16-year-old had won a red panda stuffie and offered to give it to Maddox. “He walked over and said, ‘I think this might make him feel better. Do you mind if I give him this stuffed animal?,’” Wargel recalls.

Bartlett handed the stuffed panda to Maddox and the toddler immediately stopped his meltdown, focusing his attention on his new toy. Later Wargel took to social media to try and track down Barlett to thank him for his kindness. Mutual friends recognized the teen, connected them, and they were able to get together via video call a few days later. Wargel expressed gratitude to Bartlett, not just for his act of kindness, but for reminding her how much a little kindness at the right moment can mean.

Source: 14 NEWS

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