Family Credits Toddler With Saving Them From Burning Home

One afternoon in late September, Kimberlin Smith and her family were napping in their Fayetteville, North Carolina, home when Smith’s three-year-old son, Clinton, cried out. She knew right away that something was really wrong, describing the child’s scream as “different, like more in pain and alert.”

She rushed to the toddler’s room and was shocked by what she discovered. “All we saw was Clinton trying to climb out of his crib,” Smith recalls, “I looked behind him and there’s fire and smoke.” Acting quickly, she and her fiancé grabbed Clinton and his two younger siblings and fled the burning house.

Once that family was safely outside, Smith went to go back into the home to get their dog, but then the roof collapsed. Sadly, they lost not only their home but also their car and beloved dog "Trouble." Despite the devastating loss, Smith is grateful that her family made it out safely and that her son altered them to the fire. “If it wasn’t for Clinton, we wouldn’t have made it out,” she says, “Because of him, we’re okay.”

Source: MY FOX 8

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