Teacher Saves Coworker’s Son With Kidney Donation

Detroit teen Adam Klenow has had health issues since even before he was born. His parents Dennis and Pam Klenow knew their son would eventually need a new kidney and when no one in their family tested to be a match, Dennis, an educator with the Clarkston Community School District for over two decades, turned to his coworkers for help.

After Dennis shared Adam’s story via an email with all the employees of the district, his friend and fellow teacher Jessica Sorensen stepped forward to be a donor. "Well it was a no-brainer for me," she says, adding that Dennis has been “a dear friend and colleague for 20 years and he taught my children. I taught his children." She tested and was found to be a perfect match.

In June, Adam and Jessica underwent a successful transplant surgery. Within weeks of the surgery, both were doing well and Adam’s family is beyond grateful for the new lease on life that Jessica has given their son. Then earlier this week, she gathered with the Klenow family in front of the Detroit Children's Hospital of Michigan to raise the Gift of Life flag to honor her and all other living organ donors’ selfless acts. Jessica says the whole experience “from start to finish” has been “beautiful,” and the Klenows hope that her selfless act will inspire others to take a chance and do something good.


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