Super Tall Woman Gets Paid To Be "Amazonian Goddess"

A British woman has turned the tables and is cashing in after spending her life being bullied for her size.  

Lucie Tabitha, 35, is 6-foot-1-inch and says she’s finally confident enough to turn her height into a major advantage. The leggy lady claims to make more than $10,000 a month filming fetish videos for guys who’ve dubbed her an “Amazonian Goddess.”

Tabitha charges fans up to $500 for custom videos for things ranging from pretending to stomp guys to eating them through the camera lens.

“I make custom videos to role-play this and I even have a tiny camera that connects to my phone which I can put in my mouth to give a real-life experience to my videos,” she continued. “A lot of people enjoy the thought of looking up to me and being smaller than me and me being able to control them.”

For fans who want her even taller, Tabitha has sky-high heels that put her over 7 feet tall!

Source: NY Post

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