Motorcyclists Attend Funeral For Navy Vet So He’s Not Buried Alone

On August 7th, Navy Seaman Anthony L. Meizis of Weymouth, Massachusetts, passed away at the age of 80. Meizis had prepaid for his funeral services and was set to be buried at the Massachusetts National Cemetery, but the funeral home wasn’t able to locate any family able to attend the service. The funeral director, Cara Johnson, posted a plea on social media hoping area bikers would be willing to escort Meizis to his final resting place.

The message was shared hundreds of times across multiple veteran support organizations and biker groups and when the funeral procession lined up at 8 am last Friday, nearly 500 motorcycle riders had come out to pay their final respects. Johnson was astonished at the response, saying she had “no idea it would go crazy like this."

Angel Zaporetski, who helped organize a group of riders from the Fraternal Order of Eagles, says they’re “all in” for supporting veterans. "He loved motorcycles and they requested help for an escort,” she says, “So, of course, that's what we do.” And local biker Bill Kennelick says it doesn’t matter whether they knew Meizis or not, either way, they intended “to see this soldier back to rest.”

Source: CBS NEWS

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