Jimmy Fallon Was The Surprise Guest At The Jonas Bros "The Tour"

Jimmy Fallon delighted Jonas Brothers fans with an unexpected karaoke performance during the band's show in NYC this weekend. Jimmy gave the audience a taste of his musical skills by covering The Killers' "Mr. Brightside" with his boombox.

Sources told “TMZ” that Nick Jonas had invited Fallon to perform during their intermission a week earlier, and said he could choose to do whatever he wanted to do. Apparently, the chance to perform the rockin' track to a sold-out Yankee Stadium was too good a chance for Fallon to give up.

It was indeed the biggest karaoke sing-a-long you can imagine!

As we told you before, Nick had really hyped up the surprise appearance. “The surprise is going to be a combination of different things that don’t necessarily include us. In other words, I will be excited to be watching this moment from backstage and seeing how the audience reacts.” Judging from the comments online, it went over pretty well!

Source: TMZ

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