Beachgoers Form Human Chain To Rescue Boogie Boarder

A group of lifeguards in Florida have been captured on drone video forming a human chain in order to rescue a boogie boarder who was pulled into a rip current.

Drone footage of the incident shows a man on a boogie board who appeared to have drifted away from the shore.

One lifeguard tows the stranded man toward shore as three other lifeguards swim out and form a human chain to tow the man to safety.

Malaina Bryant, a lieutenant with Flagler Beach Ocean Rescue, said that the lifeguards needed to adjust tactics since the swimmer was so far away.

“That rescue is pretty far out, so they needed backup, so the backup comes out, and then they chain up by grabbing each other’s buoys,” Bryant said, adding, “We all work really hard, so it shows on the video. They did awesome.”

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