Teen Graduates High School With Three College Degrees

Arizona 17-year-old Tristan Andrade is all set to graduate with three college degrees at the same time he gets his high school diploma next Friday. He's been juggling his homeschooling with college courses since the sixth grade, getting a head start through dual enrollment at his local community college.

The prodigy will hold associate's degrees in artificial intelligence, computer science, and mathematics and says getting the college courses out of the way earlier in his life will end up saving him years of time and money and will help him pursue his interests faster. He is thankful for the support of his family and the staff at his community college in achieving the remarkable milestone.

Tristan's father, Maynard Andrade, says he’s in awe of his son's accomplishments, getting his college degree before most would have even gotten their high school diploma. The teen plans to continue his schooling at Arizona State University in the fall, majoring in artificial intelligence and computer science, and aims to earn both his bachelor's and master's degrees via an accelerated program.

Source: Daily Mail

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