Kids Found Alive In Jungle Weeks After Plane Crash In Colombia

In a miraculous turn of events, four indigenous children, ages 11-months to 13-years-old, have reportedly been found alive in the dense Colombian Amazon over two weeks after a tragic plane crash. The children are all members of the Witoto tribe, which is known for living harmoniously in the remote jungle. Colombian President Gustavo Petro announced the good news, hailing it as a "joy for the country."

On May 1st, the small plane carrying seven passengers, including the four kids, had engine failure and crashed. An intense search operation was initiated involving more than 100 soldiers and tracking dogs. Rescuers discover the plane, but the children had left the crash site, believed to be in search of help. The children’s upbringing would have prepared them for survival in the dangerous jungle and a trail of discarded fruit and improvised shelters left behind by them were also discovered.

Using a recording broadcast from a helicopter of their grandmother speaking in their native tongue, rescuers encouraged the children to stop traveling through the jungle so they could be located. According to the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, rescuers have located the children and are in the difficult process of transporting them through the jungle back to their tribe.

Source: Reuters

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