Nurse Saves Man’s Life After Collapse On Flight

Elizabeth Haddle, a nurse and school board president from Vienna, Ohio, is being lauded for her life-saving actions on a recent Southwest Airlines flight. When a fellow passenger collapsed in the aisle, she quickly utilized her CPR skills to revive him. "It makes a difference,” she says, “I’m hoping it made a difference in this man named Lee’s life.”

When the man collapsed in front of her while she was boarding a plane in Denver, she and another off-duty nurse performed CPR and used an automated external defibrillator to successfully revive the man, who thanked her upon regaining consciousness. Haddle was grateful that she was able to remain calm and use the skills she'd learned, despite the high-pressure situation. “It was a very terrifying moment because I haven’t done it in so long," she says.

The American Heart Association has honored Haddle with the Heartsaver Hero Award for her quick thinking and effective intervention. Haddle is now urging others to learn CPR: “Just take the class. It’s a few hours of your time and you could make a big difference in somebody’s life, a family’s life.”

Source: WKBN

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