Missing Ohio Grandma Found After Crash With Siri’s Help

Erie County, Ohio, 911 dispatchers recently received a call from a woman who was worried when her grandmother didn’t come home. According to dispatcher Jordan Vanichek, authorities sent out a 'be on the lookout' alert and requested her cellphone carrier to "ping" her location. The ping gave deputies an area to search for the grandmother, but there was no sign of her anywhere.

After hours of dispatchers continuously trying to call the elderly woman’s phone, she finally answered. The woman told them she’d been at home the whole time and she’d been yelling for help. She said she could see her rear-view mirror and there was a big white bag in front of her and that’s when Vanichek realized she wasn’t at home, but was actually inside her car and had been involved in a crash that deployed her car’s airbag.

Dispatchers kept the woman on the line and urged her to use Siri to call 911, which gave them her precise location. "The longest 10 seconds of our lives waiting to see if it was actually going to work and after about 10 seconds, our Rapid S.O.S. system pinged," Vanichek recalls. The woman was found in her car off the road, just yards from the Bay View police department, and was taken to a local hospital. Sheriff Paul Sigsworth later praised the dispatchers for their part in the multi-agency effort that led to the woman’s rescue.

Source: FOX8

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