Dozens Of Families Go To 12-Year-Old’s Bday Party After Friends Didn’t Show

Dozens of families came out to celebrate a 12-year-old boy's birthday party in Columbia, South Carolina after all his school friends were unable to attend. 

Jamel Nichols had originally invited his entire class to his slime-themed bash, but was disappointed when no one could make it. So his mom, Zenas Jett, turned to a local Facebook group for help.

“So my son is having a slime obstacle course party tomorrow but all of his classmates bailed,” Jett writes on social media, “Would anyone be willing to come show him some support?” Her post sparked quite a reaction, garnering over 100 responses and leading to an unexpected crowd showing up to Jamel's birthday bash.

Among the attendees was Ashley Berendzen, who jumped at an opportunity for her children to get some valuable social experience, especially given one of her sons has autism. "Everyone at this party was so friendly and warm and inviting," she says. The grateful birthday boy was overjoyed at the turnout and thanked the attendees, saying, "You could have been somewhere else, you could have been doing what you wanted to do but instead, you came to my party, so thank you." What could have been a disappointing day for Jamel turned out to be a celebration he’ll never forget.

Source: Insider

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