Woman Saves Toddler From Second-Floor Window Fall

Earlier this week, Kyrie Jones was walking her dog near her home in Des Moines, Iowa, when she noticed a window screen on the ground outside a neighbor’s home. Then she noticed a couple of other things on the ground and looked up to see the neighbor’s two-year-old son’s head poking out of a second-floor window, more than 10 feet above their concrete driveway.

Jones, who is 33 weeks pregnant, ran around to the front of the home and tried to alert the family by knocking on their door and ringing the doorbell, but got no response. So she called the Des Moines Police Department’s non-emergency line to report her concern. When she walked back to check on the toddler, he was hanging from the window. “I looked up and he was dangling from the window and he was trying to pull himself, he was crying…I was screaming,” Jones recalls. A few seconds later, the boy fell from the second-floor window, but fortunately, Jones had positioned herself under him and managed to catch him.

Jones wrapped up the child and sat with him until police arrived a few minutes later. The toddler sustained minor injuries, and Jones, who has two daughters of her own, is doing well apart from a few bruises. For her part, Jones believes she was just doing what anyone would do in her position, saying, “If you see a baby in danger, or a child, you’re going to help.”

Source: WHO 13

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