Lip Reader: Bennifer Didn't Fight On The "Mother" Red Carpet


Photo: Getty Images

The reason behind Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's tense appearance at the "Mother" premiere has apparently been revealed. “The Daily Mail” employed the services of a lip reader who studied the two and concluded there wasn’t any fight at all.

The lip reader shares that the couple was arguing…about poses and positioning for the red-carpet photographers! Apparently, Lopez wondered at one point if her top was too low-cut, but Affleck assured her it was fine. The couple found their poses, comforted each other, and even got in a little PDA.

This isn’t the first time Ben has come under fire for “arguing” with JLo. During the Grammys this year the internet made fun of the actor for arguing with his wife during the event. But as he explained afterward, he and JLo were joking about him leaving because he was bored.

Source: Daily Mail

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