Little League Coach Saves 3-Year-Old’s Life After Electrocution

Ostin Broadhead has been working hard to bring little league baseball back to the small town of Keifer, Oklahoma. Sometimes he’s a coach, other times he’s the maintenance crew or an umpire, but last Thursday night, he was a lifesaver. In the middle of a game, a three-year-old boy in the stands was somehow shocked by some faulty electrical equipment and was found unresponsive.

Broadhead, who is a nurse, jumped in and started CPR on the toddler, reviving him. ”It was still very, you know, a tense situation, but we were able to hear him start making noise," he recalls. "He was making sounds. He was responding to his parent's voice. And at that time, the EMS service had shown up.”

Paramedics took the boy to a nearby hospital and then officials and an electrical crew came in and made repairs to the park’s power equipment. Broadhead is thankful for the outcome of the horrific incident and that there were good people around to help out.

Source: KOCO

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