Golfer Attacks Man Over Argument Involving Walking On The Golf Course

A man has been arrested for allegedly attacking someone after they walked on a golf course.

According to deputies, the victim and his wife, who have not been identified, were strolling on the Harbor Hills Country Club golf course path in Florida when 52-year-old  Eddie Orobitg told them that path was “intended for golf carts and it is a rule of the golf course.”

That’s when an argument broke out and, according to an affidavit, Orobitg spit in the man’s face and then hit him in the leg with a golf club.

The victim said he tried to defend himself by hitting Orobitg with a water bottle, but Orobitg continued to hit him to the point where the victim’s ribs may have been broken.

He was taken to a hospital for potential broken ribs, a broken jaw, and a possible traumatic brain injury.

Orobitg, on the other hand, was arrested on charges of aggravated battery.

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