Dad Catches Foul Ball At Dodgers Game While Holding Baby & A Beer

During a recent Dodgers game, Steve Pettit made a remarkable catch while holding his baby daughter in a carrier and a beer in his hand. The moment was captured and shared on the Los Angeles Dodgers' Twitter account. In the video, the announcer says, "Nice! A beverage, a baby and a baseball."

Pettit later told reporters it was as if the ball came to his hand in slow motion. Fans around him in the stands applauded as he held the ball up in the air. And social media users praised the impressive catch, with one tweeting, "Dad power at Dodger Stadium is insane," and another suggesting it should make the top 10 plays of the week.

Pettit's wife, Misty, recorded the crowd's reaction, which she describes as "going wild." The team's Twitter account also shared a photo of the proud dad with his baseball, beer, and baby. The caption simply reads, "Dad power." The Dodgers went on to win the game, but it was clear to anyone who saw it that Pettit won the day!

Source: Today

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