Community Pitches In To Send Special Needs Teens To Prom

A group of special-needs students at Washington High School in Washington, North Carolina, experienced a dream come true when the community came together to help send them to prom. Pam Smith, a proud parent of a special-needs son, expressed her gratitude for the support, saying it was "a blessing and a dream come true." Donations poured in to help fund prom attire, a dinner at the Washington Yacht and Country Club, photos, and a red carpet leading to a stretch limousine.

Special needs teacher Serena Current emphasized the importance of giving the students the same opportunities as their peers, saying, "People don't realize how important things like this are for them because they don’t always get the same opportunity as all their peers." Parent Ebony Sneed echoed this sentiment, saying she wants her child to feel included and equal to others.

The students were excited to hit the dance floor and listen to their favorite songs during the prom night. As they left the Washington Yacht and Country Club in a limousine, community members and loved ones cheered them on with signs and sparklers. Parents report that the students spent the entire night dancing, making for an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Source: My FOX 8

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