WATCH: TikTok Mom On What Moms DON'T Want For Mother’s Day

Now that it’s May, it’s time to figure out what you’re getting the moms in your life this Mother’s Day. If you’re still not sure, TikTok mom Emily Vondracheck has a few ideas. In her latest hilarious video, she spells it out for anyone who’s clueless about what to buy.

Emily starts off by showing some examples of what NOT to get, including a rose or heart necklace that no moms want, including her. She also says “No, absolutely not” to a random basket of rash-inducing bath and body products, as well as anything that says “Mama Bear,” explaining, “Although I am as fierce as a mother bear, I do not want anything that says it.”

As for gifts this mom and other moms would be happy to get for Mother’s Day, Emily offers a few suggestions.

  • She wants a specific beach tote bag that can hold all her stuff and has a built-in cooler in the bottom for her treats.
  • Candles are always a popular present for moms and she says, “I will take a candle, but I want this one - the salted coconut mahogany scent,” as she shows a Better Homes and Gardens candle.
  • Emily also says she wants a thrilling book that she will “read for the next six to seven months,” which is about how long it takes to finish a book when you have young kids.
  • “I want you to present me with this tote bag and send me on my way to go wherever I want without my kids,” she explains.
  • And finally, she offers this idea that could help anyone who’s unsure about what to get mom: “If all else fails, access my phone, open my tabs, look at one of the numerous shopping carts I have open and take your pick.”

Source: Motherly

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