Girl With Rare Genetic Disorder To See 1st Concert, Taylor Swift

A Tennessee teen with a rare genetic disorder is set to attend her first-ever concert to see her favorite musician, Taylor Swift.

Knoxville 14-year-old Nora Gooden uses a wheelchair and requires breathing assistance due to her condition, but will be braving the crowds this weekend to see her Swift on the Eras Tour.

Nora's parents surprised her with tickets to Swift's sold-out May 6th concert at Nashville's Nissan Stadium for her 14th birthday. They posted a video of the moment she found out about the concert on TikTok, also giving her a Taylor Swift t-shirt and CD. Nora's mom, Jaime, says that Nissan Stadium generously moved their seats to an accessible area with a better view and blocked off surrounding seats to accommodate Nora's wheelchair.

Their attendance at the concert will be challenging due to Nora’s breathing difficulties and the fact that she’s been advised by her doctors to limit her exposure to others. But her mom thought it was important to give her the experience of being a normal teen by bringing her to the concert.

Source: People

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