“Hero” Rail Workers Stop Train To Save Toddler Walking On Tracks

Rail workers in New York are being hailed as heroes for saving a young child who wandered onto train tracks. The incident occurred on April 6th when Metropolitan Transportation Authority assistant conductor Marcus Higgins rushed to rescue the child. Locomotive engineer William Kennedy first spotted the boy and slammed the brakes on his train, radioing other team members for assistance. Higgins also saw the child, stopped, and quickly made his way onto the tracks.

The boy, Waylon, has autism and is nonverbal. Waylon's mother, Aridia Bruno De Sosa, called the rescue a "miracle" and expressed gratitude towards the MTA staffers. Waylon was uninjured, except for a splinter on his hand, and is now safe at home.

MTA president Catherine Rinaldi honored Kennedy, Higgins, and three other employees in a ceremony on Tuesday. Rinaldi praised their bravery, saying they "averted a horrific outcome." Thanks to these heroic rail workers, Waylon's story has a happy ending.

Source: ABC News

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