Cleveland Grandmother Delivers Her Own Grandson In Family’s Home

Breanna Johnson of Cleveland wasn’t due for another week when she started having contractions while at home last weekend. Having already had one child, Breanna knew right away that it was past the point that she would be able to make it to the hospital and she would need to give birth at home. Her husband, Ceth Johnson, called 911 and they prepared for the birth as best as they could.

Fortunately, Breanna’s parents happened to be visiting and were there to help. With Ceth on the phone with 911, Breanna’s dad helped her down to the floor of their living room. “The only other person here to catch the baby was my mom,” she recalls. So Breanna’s mom, Mary-Anne Coreno, ended up delivering the baby that would be her ninth grandchild.

Coreno describes the delivery as "perfect" and says baby Brian cried immediately. The newborn and mom were taken to a nearby hospital where doctors confirmed they were in good health. Two days later, the Johnsons returned home as a family. Both Breanna and baby Brian are reportedly doing well.

Source: My FOX 8

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