7th Grader Stops School Bus After Driver’s Medical Emergency

On April 26th, students from Carter Middle School in Warren, Michigan, were heading home on the bus when the bus driver became light-headed and lost consciousness while driving down the road. Fortunately, seventh-grader Dillon Reeves recognized what was happening and quickly responded to the emergency, bringing the bus to a safe stop.

The Warren Police and Fire Departments arrived moments later and after attending to the driver, ensured all the students made it home safely on another bus. Warren Consolidated Schools Superintendent Robert D. Livernois later praised Dillon on social media, writing, “The actions of the student who helped stop the bus made all the difference today, and I could not be prouder of his efforts.”

Dillon's mom, Ireta Reeves, expressed her pride in a Facebook post, calling her son a "Local HERO" and highlighting how he saved the kids, a car, and a house that could have been hit. Dillon is expected to receive an award from the Warren Police Department for his heroic act.

Source: WSBTV

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