Kim Kardashian Says She'd Give Up Reality TV to Be Lawyer Full Time

Kim Kardashian sat for an interview with Time to celebrate her being named to this year's Time 100 list. While they discussed her life and business, she let out one big bombshell - she’s thinking about leaving reality TV to be a lawyer full-time!

Kim has been working on criminal justice reform and helping people who she feels have been wrongly imprisoned over the last few years. “I would be just as happy being an attorney full time…the journey really opened up my eyes to so much…there’s so much to be done,” Kim told “CNN This Morning” anchor Poppy Harlow at the Time 100 Summit.

The reality star shared that she sees her criminal justice work as more fulfilling than being on TV, so she may really go forward with the plan when she passes the bar! As a reminder, Kim has already passed the “baby bar” exam, which has a 16% pass rate, and plans to take the “real” bar exam in February.

Source: TMZ

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