Crowdfund Helps 91-year-old Grocery Store Worker Finally Retire

Betty Glover, a 91-year-old grocery store worker from Phoenix, Oregon, is set to retire after raising over $80-thousand on GoFundMe to cover her home and medication expenses. The nonagenarian, who turns 92 on May 22nd, has worked for seven decades and spent the last ten years bagging groceries at WinCo Foods in Medford, Oregon.

At the beginning of April, Glover organized a crowdfund so she could finally retire. Her GoFundMe page states that she needs to retire due to her failing eyesight from macular degeneration and needs to pay off the fifth-wheel trailer she calls home. On April 14th, Glover updated the page expressing her gratitude for the support and generosity she’d received, and by April 20th, she announced her retirement date as May 1st. The initial goal was $40-thousand, but she managed to raise more than double that amount.

The funds raised will not only help Glover pay off her home but also ensure she can cover rent, groceries, and medications. Now, she looks forward to spending time with her great-grandchildren during her retirement.

Source: Daily Mail

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