Teacher Hypes Students Up Before State Exam

Dallas area elementary teacher Chrishae Powell is going viral on TikTok for helping her students ease their nerves before state exams. In a recent post, Powell's students are seen opening individual envelopes before they had to take state tests. The envelopes contain unexpected letters from supportive adults who love them. The growing smiles on the students' faces indicate the confidence boost they receive from the notes.

The video has garnered over 2 million views and thousands of comments, with many fellow teachers expressing interest in Powell's strategy. Some commenters have even shared how the letters have positively impacted their students' attitudes toward testing.

Powell's TikTok account features more heartwarming and funny clips of her students, which have earned her over 108 thousand followers. She also uses the platform to collect donations for her classroom fund, enabling her to purchase snacks, supplies, and activities for her students. Powell's teaching methods and dedication have won her the admiration of many TikTok users, who have praised her as a great educator.

Source: Yahoo

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