New Orleans Pizzeria Will Trade Year Of Free Pizza For Taylor Swift Tickets

Even if you had no interest in catching the show, you probably know that Taylor Swift tickets have been all but impossible to come by. Some devoted Swifties have been trying everything they can think of to get their hands on those concert tickets, but one pizza restaurant in New Orleans is trying to score some in a very tasty way.

Zanger White, owner of Zee’s Pizzeria, says he and his wife are huge Taylor fans who would love to go but didn’t have luck on Ticketmaster. “We’d scream if we could go,” he explains. “I don’t see a way to get tickets because they are way too expensive and too hard to get.” So he’s offering free pizza in exchange for tickets.

But we’re not just talking about a slice or two, White is offering “at least a year of free pizza” for a pair of tickets. While he hopes someone will take him up on the offer, he also says he “thought it would be funny, hoping Taylor would find out.” A post on Zee’s Pizzeria’s Instagram page says the offer is valid for the duration of the Eras tour, so there’s still time for them to get lucky.

Source: Food and Wine

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