Expert Claims You Can Catch Gonorrhea From Kissing

Close up a woman's lips Kissing or puckering

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As though you needed something else to worry about these days, some experts are warning that gonorrhea can now be transmitted through kissing. A team from the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre has warned that people need to update their information after their discovery.

According to Professor Eric Chow, “A number of pieces of evidence suggest transmission from the back of the throat may be more common than previously thought.” Chow goes on to say, “It can be cultured from saliva, suggesting that the exchange of saliva between individuals may potentially transmit gonorrhea.”

The government in the U.K. has updated its guidelines after a rise in the infection and urges people with multiple “partners” to get tested once a year, whether they have symptoms or not. Indicators of the disease include fever, rash, skin sores, joint pain, swelling, and stiffness.

 Source: Daily Star

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