Boss Slammed For Sign Telling Staff Not To Make Friends At Work

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It’s always nice when you can enjoy your workplace and get along with your colleagues, right? Not according to one boss, who posted a memo warning staff: “WORK IS NOT MEANT TO BE FUN.” The memo was posted on Reddit by an anonymous employee and social media users are sharing their outrage over the message.

The memo, which is yelling at workers in all caps, reads: “This is your job. Do not dedicate work time to discussion of non-work topics. Do not facilitate friendships during work hours.” It goes on to direct employees to report to the boss “if a coworker is having non-work discussions on company time.” In what may be a failed attempt to add some humor to the harsh words, the boss signs off with a photo of a Minion from “Despicable Me.”

The post has racked up more than 24-thousand comments in only 24 hours, with many calling the boss “toxic.”

  • One Redditor writes that the company must be “horrible to work for” and asked if there’s a “revolving” door of staff.
  • Others are sharing their own experiences with bad bosses, including one who writes, “I have no clue what the f**k it is with bad bosses and Minions. They often come in a package!”
  • Another jokes, “We expect you to be miserable here. But don't forget to smile!”

Source: NY Post

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