Prince Harry Will Sit "10 Rows Back" From Royals At Coronation

At this point, it’s beginning to look like Prince Harry’s presence at the upcoming coronation of King Charles III is going to be hardly noticed by the Royal Family. Former Royal Family butler Paul Burrell said the estranged prince will be segregated from his family during the ceremony and will leave shortly after.

“There is no chance of a reconciliation anytime soon, I’m afraid,” said Burrell. “I think he will get a very icy reception from the Windsors.” Indeed, the butler hinted that Prince Harry will be seated ten rows behind the rest of the royals and will disappear as soon as it’s over.

And while the insider believes Harry is only coming to the coronation to “show face,” he revealed that the King will be happy his son is there. “His father will be delighted that both his sons will be there to witness this incredible day in his life.” Burrell then added, “But Harry is not going to hang around.”

Source: New York Post

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