Deputies Go Above & Beyond To Get Groceries For New Resident

On Saturday, April 22nd, in Hancock County, Indiana, sheriff's deputy Josh Cochard responded to a report of a woman driving an electric scooter down a rural highway with no shoulder or sidewalk. Talking to the woman, Cochard learned that she was new to the area and was living in a nearby campground. With no other transportation options, the woman was forced to drive her scooter the five miles into town to get groceries.

Out of concern for the woman’s safety, Deputy Cochard couldn’t let her continue on the highway. Instead, he made the trip to the store himself. Cochard’s colleague Deputy Scott Chapman paid for the woman’s groceries and then Cochard personally delivered them to her. He also gave the woman a list of county transportation resources she could use for future grocery trips.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department shared the story of the deputies’ act of kindness on social media where local residents heaped praise on them. One commenter said it best, writing, “Sometimes a little help can go a long way. Thank you for evaluating the situation and acting accordingly ❤️👍❤️”

Source: WRTV

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