Kim Kardashian Gets Serenaded by Usher at His Las Vegas Residency

Kim Kardashian went to see Usher's "My Way" Vegas residency show at the Park MGM Hotel on Saturday. She not only had great seats but got up close and personal with the singer himself as he came up to her and serenaded her!

Kim attended the show with her friend Chris Appleton and his fiancé Lukas Gage. The group danced and sang along with Usher as he put on a performance just for them.

Meanwhile, Usher put out into the universe that he really wants to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show. He said he would jump at the opportunity if someone would give it to him. “I’d be a fool to say no…things line up that we would all hope. You know, one day that moment will happen.”

Source: TMZ

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