High School Hurdler Helps Opponent Across Finish Line After Fall

During a Connecticut high school track and field meet on April 5th, Montville High School hurdler Adam Sheridan fell just before the finish line of the 300-meter hurdles race. Instead of finishing the race first, Griswold High School's Jonathon Mihailides helped his rival up and insisted he crosses the finish line first.

Adam's mother, Beth Sheridan, captured the moment on camera and posted it on social media, calling it "one of the most beautiful moments" in sports. She recounts that Adam had led the race but tripped on the last hurdle. Mihailides saw the fall and immediately reached out to help Adam. The mom praised the runner for his "incredible demonstration of sportsmanship, selflessness, and class."

After the event, Sheridan reached out to Griswold High School administration to express her gratitude. Principal Erin Palonen confirmed that Mihailides' actions were consistent with the way he behaves every day. The teen reportedly told Palonen that the moment "meant more to me than the race." Sheridan concludes her post, writing, “May our world see more moments like this one and more people like Jonathan. ❤️”

Source: WFSB

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