Octopus Almost Strangles Diver Trying To Take Picture Of It

Footage has been released of a diver being practically strangled by an octopus and it’s both majestic and terrifying.

The ordeal happened to Stuart Seldon, who regularly dives into Canadian waters to document the amphibious life under the sea.

However, when Seldon went underwater in British Columbia, he became face to face – and quickly face to tentacles – with an octopus.

The video shows the octopus swimming close to Seldon before wrapping its tentacles around his camera gear, body, and eventually neck.

Seldon’s diving partner Michael Marcotte recalls Seldon swimming over to him with a shocked look on his face.

The men recall that the sea creature eventually got bored with his victim and started charging toward Marcotte.

The two made it back to land with their gear and appendages, as well as one of the best cocktail party stories they could ever tell.

Source: Daily Mail

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