Rachael Ray Builds Kitchen In Ukraine Hospital

Rachel Ray is putting her kitchen where the emergency is. The celebrity cook and talk show host has made a trip to aid those in need during the crisis in Ukraine.

Ray reportedly traveled to the Ukrainian city of Lviv, where she helped rebuild the kitchen of the Children’s Hospital. The “30 Minutes Meals” and “Rachel Ray Show” host also donated a large ice cream machine and cleaning equipment before also hosting a cooking class for the resident kids.

“I am just grateful that they allow me to be part of their community and their effort,” said Ray. “It is a moral imperative to be here.” Admitting she was “in awe” of the Ukrainian people’s strength, Ray confessed she traveled on her own dime to lend a hand. “We all fight about petty things, but you come here and realize all the things you have to be grateful for.”

Source: Page Six

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